Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Our lights have lights!

Work on the basement is starting to come to and least we think. We've been told things will be done next Friday and we can start moving things in the following Monday. We had hoped for a Super Bowl Party, but that won't be happening. I guess we'll have to wait until next year...maybe the Bronco's new coach will get them to the big game!

The photo is of one of our bar pendants...there are five in all. Chad picked them out and we've been very excited to get them installed. They went in last week but just got light bulbs yesterday. We are looking forward to seeing the "magma" lights and black granite counter tops...they get finished tomorrow.


  1. Apparently we are on the same wave lenghts somedays.

  2. Love these lights; really enjoy your photos--they are works of art. Mine almost embarrass me, but I am learning as I go. Am thrilled that I finally figured out to get my images in a slide show; really not hard after I got a good tag system going that isolated my photos. Your inspiration to keep me rooted in this challenge has given me 55 or 56 posts. Way over the top, but got me to blog every day. You ARE WONDERFUL.