Thursday, January 8, 2009


For those of you who know me, there are days that I am definitely a rule follower. Than there are those other days that rules were made to be broken! Well, today is a day for rule breaking. The photo that I’m posting today was actually taken on my trip to Silver Springs, MD this summer for the Discovery Education Network’s Leadership Council Institute. I promise I will still take a photo today. :o)

My friend, RJ Stangherlin, had been contemplating joining the 2009/365 Flickr Challenge…and I am excited to say that she has thrown her hat in the ring! In her post yesterday on Changing Connections, RJ mentioned that she was camera challenged and was often cutting off her subjects. Well, I would have to disagree with RJ because I have seen her in action. Her words brought back a specific vision from the DEN institute. The group had gone out for an amazing dinner at Sequoia and afterwards we were all walking down by the Potomac. Several of us wanted to get a group photo and RJ volunteered to operate the camera. Well, as you can imagine, that one camera turned into several cameras. Leave it to a bunch of technology educators to need their own photo – versus taking one and uploading it to Flickr. ;o) (And I put myself in that group.) Anyway, I decided to turn my other camera on RJ and captured this photo. I was looking through my trip photos and was unable to find the fruits of her labor, but I do know we all had our heads! (If I came across that photo I will add it to this post.)

I am also excited that I got two other people, my mom and friend Kim, involved in the challenge as well. You can view my mom’s blog at I started…. I think Kim’s still on the fence about blogging and is just uploading to Flickr right now. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of reading everyone's blogs and seeing their 365 days of photos.

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  1. You are a wonder, Jennifer. What memories that photo brings back. Thank you for getting me to join the challenge. Your images and your blog did that, so you deserve all the credit. Thank you for being such a good friend.

    I did look at your mother's blog, and I am going to comment on it later today. She and I have something in common, and I something to learn from her. By the 12th, I should be doing the challenge correctly.