Saturday, January 10, 2009


Isn't it amazing how resilient plants can be? At least this is the case for the ones who get stuck living at my house. After taking this photo and watering the plant, I continued to work at my desk. Within about 20 minutes I kept hearing these weird, little noises. I finally realized that it was the plant. The stems were beginning to stand back upright. It made me wish I had taken video of the entire process or some stop motion photography. Maybe next time...I know I will probably be late watering it again.

Coming back into my office after the plant was back to it's usual self, I realized I was pretty similar to the plant. There's times when I feel rundown, out of energy, or just in a "slump." It never fails though; someone or something comes along and re-energizes me, helping me get ready for the next challenge.

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