Friday, January 23, 2009


As I was leaving the school today after a GREAT work day, the bison in the adjacent park caught my eye.

Since it's opening this last fall, I hadn't been over to the park. I've heard great things about it from the kids...they love it.

We had just received a dusting of snow and some was resting on the back of bison.


  1. What is the bison? It looks like a large rock formation. How did it get to be called a bison?

    Should I become a wiki?

    Aunt Darlene

  2. The bison is our school mascot. The park that is adjacent to the school was built by the city - we get to use it during the day. The called it Bison Park and put in two bison that the kids can climb on. I believe it's made out of a hard plastic. From this angle it looks a little more abstract. I have a picture from the other side that looks more like a bison - I just didn't like that one as much.