Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For the last two nights I have left school WAY after the sun had gone down. Tonight I managed to make it out of the building with just a little bit of light left...and this is what I saw from our parking lot. The hills that surround our school make for some great scenes in the evenings. (I've even heard that there has been a mountain lion sighted on the paths.)

While I was creating today's post my TwitterFox popped up a Tweet from pearlgirl22, AKA RJ Stangherlin, and the phrase "Flickr 365" caught my eye. So, I headed over to her Changing Connections blog and read her most recent post. I was very excited to learn that she had chosen to join the 2009/365 Flickr Challenge. (I will even have a special post in honor of her tomorrow.) I think she will do a fantastic job and I am looking forward to watching her "sharpen her rough edges."

Turbo Tagger


  1. The clouds in this picture are you keep your DSLR with you at all times now? lol...

  2. W-O-W! That's just about all I can say.

  3. Actually this was my Canon Powershot...I really wished I would have had my DSLR on me. :)