Friday, January 16, 2009


Just last weekend my sister and I did a Geocache just inside these scrub oak...and now the cache is buried in snow. It's probably not a high-traffic cache during the winter months. It's name, "Deer Play" is perfect. This is just about the exact same area where I saw the deer that I referenced in a previous post. She had a Travel Bug (TB) that she had previously found and we left in the cache. We also took a TB from the from Jeep's giveaway last year.

The photo is a little dark. I was originally going to take the photo this morning, but I spent too much time on the Wii fit and was running a little late. As you know from yesterday's post, I needed some gas. Due to the fact that I was late, I didn't make it to the gas station. Fortunately, I made it to school and back safely!

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  1. Jennifer,
    Could you email me ( with your address? Check today's post (Saturday's) for why.