Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Fellow Digital Educators watching the Presidential Inauguration. (I am out of the classroom today at district training.)

I write today's blog as I sit and watch the Presidential Inauguration. I get goosebumps just looking at that crowd of people - flags waving, children in their parents' arms, tears being wiped away, people huddled together for warmth. No matter what political party you belong to, today is an historic day. Even though there are a number of Obama's proposed policies and ideas I may not agree with, as an American, I have to hope that he is successful as our 44th President.

A few pieces of Obama's speech: "A new era of responsibility..." & "...price of citizenship."
I think just these few words are something that every American should truly take to heart. I believe that the true price of citizenship in our country is taking on personal responsibility. Personal responsibility...something so many have forgotten.

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