Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Another snow.

We awoke Monday to some wonderfully large snowflakes. I captured the tree in our front yard. Well, it's pretty sad when I take a picture and forget that I've taken it! I was taking a photo of the new pair of bluebirds today and while I was checking out the photos I came across this picture that I had actually taken before going to school yesterday.

Maybe it had something to do with the "smell" at school.  We all noticed an odor in the air - something like a nail salon.  Not too long after school got going we had to move all the students to the gym and cafeteria.  Yes, all 600 of them.  District and building folks assessed the situation.  There was some work done on the floors during break and the epoxy was emitting a non-toxic odor...it was just very strong.  We ended up doing an early dismissal.  Within two hours we had the majority of students home.  Our leadership team did an amazing job.  It was an interesting day back from spring break!

Anyway, I liked the photo so I decided to go ahead and use it today.

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