Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Chad, my husband, would say that my Mac is confused...does it want to be a Mac or a PC? We had to purchase the Vista license in order to use the yearbook software on my computer. I still haven't gotten used to hearing the Windows chimes on my Mac computer.

On a completely different note...the blue birds have arrived!!! For the first time ever the male and female showed up at the box on the same day! I typically see the males around the neighborhood for about a week before seeing any females...or either of them at the box for that matter. It was late in the evening when I first saw the male. He flew up to the box and checked it out several times. I was a little worried...I hadn't gotten the box cleaned. So, I grabbed the step stool & electric drill and headed out to the box. The pair flew off and it was too late in the evening for them to come back. I'm hopeful to see them again tomorrow...and I'm even more hopeful that the same female has come to nest - for the third year in a row.

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