Thursday, March 26, 2009


Bride & Groom.

Well, today was the big sister's bridal shower. Last December we had a Scholastic Book Fair at school and I noticed a cupcake cookbook. I thought it was fun, but I didn't make a purchase. Well, at the March Book Fair the book once again made an appearance. As I thumbed through the book, I saw a number of creative ideas...but the one that stuck out was the bridal display. This time I took a copy home.

So, for my sister's bridal shower I created! I actually really enjoyed this project. I haven't been this creative in a while. I would have to say that my favorite part was the bride and groom on top. They are made out of chocolate with various decorative pieces. The cupcakes turned out pretty least the ones that I didn't over-bake. And the frosting was amazing (Marshmallow Fluff, butter, powdered sugar) - I just had to forget how many calories were in it!

The shower was great. Everyone seemed to have a great time and blushing bride-to-be was sent off in style.

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