Thursday, March 26, 2009


Road Trip.

Well, it's not exactly a diving destination, but our trip to Fort Collins was a lot of fun. Chad and I both went to college in Fort Collins - he graduated from CSU and I ended up graduating from UNC. We hadn't been back since graduating so we made the venture north.

Our first stop - Odell's Brewery for one of our favorites - Easy Street. Nothing really beats an Easy Street with a lemon on a hot, summer day. We purchased their sampler and had the chance to try a few new beers.

After Odell's we were off to our old neighborhood. We drove along the north side of campus and were a little surprised to see how trashy some of the places looked. The old SAE house was actually boarded up - not sure what happened there. We were on the look-out for a place we used to eat, the Teriyaki Wok. Back in college we loved it - didn't taste too bad and it was cheap. We were disappointed...until we rounded the corner of Elizabeth & Shields...and there it was...Teriyaki Wok II!! We discovered a sub shop in our old BW3 building, so that was a little disappointing.

We continued on to our old town homes. (Chad and I were actually neighbors - that's where we met.) Their upkeep over the last decade seems to have been lacking. We didn't hang out too long...didn't want to scare anyone with "stalking" behavior.

Getting back to Teriyaki Wok...we weren't brave enough to try it, so we went to another one of our favorites - B&B Pickle Barrel...and it was great! I loved how they still store their cheese in stacks, on small plates, covered with Saran wrap. The pickles were still spicy and the beer was still cold.

Our final destination was the New Belguim Brewery. It was MUCH more crowded than Odell's...especially for 3:00 on a Wednesday afternoon - and it wasn't all college kids. We enjoyed our four samplers and purchased a few items...we had to get some new schwag for our new bar.

And that brought our trip down memory lane to an end. It was a lot of fun...maybe we'll have to do it again in another 13 years.

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