Monday, March 9, 2009


Wasp Nest?

Well, I have changed the rules a little for today and tomorrow. Today we had a PLC (Professional Learning Community) day at school. We were at our building in the AM working on integrating literacy into our specials' classrooms and in the PM we went to a school in a nearby town for a session on brain research. It was a great day of learning and collaborating.

On my way home this afternoon, I was able to take a scenic route and came across a "wishing tree." Did I peak your interet? Well, you will all have to wait until tomorrow for the wishing tree. This was such a funny story that I had to share...sorry Chad. :o)

When I arrived home, Chad asked if I had gotten his email. Due to the fact I had a work day, I wasn't able to check my email. As I was looking out into the backyard, he began quizzing me about whether or not I'd seen the birdfeeder. I was looking at the feeders and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He pointed out the item sitting on the hanging, platform feeder and began refering to it as a "wasp nest."

So here's the story...the contents of his email. At first, he thought it was a squirrel. (We have a pair that frequent the feeders.) He then noticed that the birds were pecking at it, so he thought it was maybe a dead squirrel. Upon closer examination, using the binaculars and then the telephoto lens to take a picture, he "discovered" it was a HUGE wasp nest! :o)

Well, it's actually not a wasp nest, but a large sunflower head. My dad, who grows black oils, gave me several heads to feed the birds. So, Chad is actually the "author" of today's photo...and provider of a great story. Love ya babe!

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