Saturday, March 28, 2009


The meltdown begins.

This is the view from one of upstairs rooms - looking toward north Castle Rock and across the Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course.  Our snow from this last week is beginning to melt...I hope it goes slow so all the moisture can get soaked up by our plants.  We added a lot of trees, shrubs and plants to the backyard in October, so I'm sure they are enjoying the water.  We're anxious to see everything leafed out.

Bluebird Update:  Well, last week I posted a photo of the bluebird pair.  Since the Thursday snowstorm, they have both been MIA.  I'm sure where they are, but I'm hopeful they are still nearby.  We did acquire two mourning doves after the storm.  Not sure if they are the same pair from last year, but we've had two hang-out in the backyard and scrub oak the last couple of summers.

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