Sunday, January 19, 2014


Quad Box
Well, there was NO way I could stick with one photo, let alone two photos today!!! In honor of our Denver Broncos winning the AFC Championship game and in remembrance of the NFL RedZone (Yes, they will be back next year, I just miss watching all the games.) I decided to make today a Quad Box!!

We've got:

  • Orange & Blue Cupcakes
  • Pig Shots - that's right, Pig Shots!! (kielbasa, jalapeno, cream cheese, chilies, and bacon!) Thanks to my sister & brother-in-law! #davesbiggreenegg
  • Peyton holding the AFC Championship trophy. AND....
  • The few clouds that showed up in the north for an ORANGE & BLUE SUNSET!! As some of you know, I was missing them last night. :)

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