Saturday, January 3, 2015


Finally decided to make my way ALL the way to the back fence and refill the bird feeder...after which I had every finch in Castle Rock in the backyard. Just liked the character of the empty feeder covered with snow.

A few days ago when I made my first post of the new year, I forgot to do a little reflecting. Looking back on my 2014 stats, I beat my personal record for posts to this blog. I ended up with 339 posts in 2014...damn there are a lot of days in one year! ;) The thing I love the most is just going back and looking at photos from previous years. There are some pics that I don't even remember taking, but I am so glad that I did because they captured a specific moment and/or special memory. I have to say the craziest story from my blog is related to the photo I took of a construction helicopter at IKEA. The pilot of that helicopter ended up finding the photo and contacted me. I sent him a few of the other photos I had was crazy!

I look forward to keeping it going in 2015...knowing that I'm usually just writing for myself. Lurkers out there...I dare you to leave an occasional comment! You can stay anonymous, just remember to be nice! :)

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