Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today hurt like hell and the picture proves it! My knee issue has become secondary to a bigger issue. Today my physical therapist compared my leg to a corkscrew...not something you want to hear. All my muscles from the waist down are tighter then hell. For whatever reason, my right leg has taken on a mind of its own. My gluts, hip flexors, and quads are pulling everything in. My calves, tibia and ankles are pulling everything almost a 15 degree difference...NOT good! 

So, I have been ordered to orthodics, going to PT twice a week and doing an hour of exercises/stretches each day. When I want to really complain or not do my exercises, I simply think of the possible alternative: a surgery where they would cut through my tibia, move it to the correct angle and then screw it back into my femur. Will hopefully find out more in February at the new doctor.

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