Friday, January 2, 2015


Day of Fun
These days don't come as often anymore...a day to watch the nephews. Back when they were "little", just an FYI they are three and six, I could always count on some downtime when they took a nap...not anymore! I was the one who needed the nap.

While waiting for the pool to open, we had to get in some video games...LittleBigPlanet was the game of choice.

We then made our way to the Castle Rock Rec Center for some fun. The last time I took Matty there he had just turned two. Back then he wouldn't go down the kid's slide on his own. (Aunt Jen had to take him and then got in trouble because she was too "big".) This time he spotted the big slides and was hooked. He spent all his time there while Ryan and I hung out in the shallows playing shark. (He also had no interest in the smaller slide...guessing that will change just like his brother.) 

After a lunch of Old McDonald, we headed to the sledding hill, AKA - Red Hawk Ridge's driving range. It's the perfect rocks or crap under the snow and it's a nice long slope. We had picked up two tubes the day before, but Matty insisted on the sled from the garage. He made one run down the "regular" section of the hill and then spent the rest of the afternoon going down the section with the jump at the end. (Even impressed some of the older boys there.) As for Ryan, he got a few less runs in due to the fact that either Uncle Chad or I had to tow both our tube and him, in his tube, back up the hill. It was a great workout! 

With a couple of unhappy, very tired boys, we made our way home for some hot chocolate and popcorn.

Later in the evening, after all children were safely home with their mom and day, Aunt Jen had a little refreshment of her own! Santa knew she would get good use out of the ice spheres!

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