Saturday, March 15, 2014


"Eventful" Saturday
Due to the fact I'm still holding on to a cold, my nights have been filled with tossing, turning, and some crazy golf dreams. I unfortunately was unable to take advantage of a non-alarm morning. (I also couldn't decide on which photo to I've shared them all.)

Up early, I decided to check out the local "re-opened" bakery and local coffee shop. Donuts looked great at the shop...not as impressive when I got them home. :(
I will say the coconut theme must imply that I'm in need of a beach & bubbles vacation...I miss my sharks!!

On my way home I finally saw the first bluebird in the neighborhood. Crappy picture, but good sign. (Yes...there is a male bluebird in the top of the tree.)

Despite the cold, windy morning I figured it was about time to get my flower & veggie pots cleaned up from last summer. I am definitely looking forward to planting time.

We had some visitors this afternoon...crashing for a few hours, anxiously awaiting an offer on their house. As the day came to a close I had to decide which night cap to go with. Today I had to stick with my vodka. :)

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