Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Oh Deer(s)!
Well, on Friday I was a little pre-occupied with my nacho cupcakes. :) I also didn't take any of these pics with my phone, so there was a little more leg-work involved...another reason I didn't post the pics on Friday.

Anyway...we had two bucks in the back that hung around all day - from when I went to work to when I got home. In the afternoon there was even a third! 

The "track" picture was actually taken on Saturday morning. I got up around 4AM and noticed a weird dark spot in the backyard. After shining the mag light on the spot, I quickly realized it was a deer sleeping in the backyard. His "pad" is next to the juniper bush. You'll also notice that there are a large number of tracks, from more than just the one buck, meandering around the yard. Fortunately no trees were "nuzzled" during the deer's adventure.

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