Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Final Day

WOW! I can't believe another year...another decade has come and passed. This "end of the year" reflection has been a little different for me, thanks in part to this blog. I've had the opportunity to look back on the photos I have taken and remember events that I had completely forgotten about - and probably wouldn't have remembered without the photo and blog post. They were the smaller events, the thoughts I had on a certain day, or the something special that caught my eye. I will admit I didn't get a photo everyday, but I am proud of what I did accomplish - 240 posts/photos. (Now that competetive side in me will having something to shoot for in 2010.)

Today's photo - my front door handle. As I began to think about what I wanted to make for my last photo I had a number of ideas, but all of a sudden this popped into my head.

My front door has been the beginning to a number of memories for 2009. It's the first thing that greets my family and friends as they come over for a holiday, family dinner, or a well deserved drink. It's also the last thing I lock up when I leave, seeing me off on a number of adventures around the world, to work, or even just down the street.

So today, I close the door on 2009 with fond memories and open it to 2010 with great excitement. And I look forward to another year of "everyday in a photo."

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