Saturday, January 22, 2011


Helicopter - IKEA

We are excited to be getting an IKEA store here in CO. There is an over-stock furniture store right next to the IKEA store that is under-construction. While in the furniture store today, I swore that I heard a helicopter. When we left the store, there didn't seem to be any helicopter in sight..but then...there it was. I hadn't see a helicopter this thin before...very cool - but a little scary considering how windy it was today.

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  1. Hello Jennifer,
    Great shot! Do you have anymore photos from Saturday? Would love to see them as I am the pilot flying the Kmax helicopter and was too busy to take any myself.
    You are right - it was a very windy day. All went well though, just took us a little longer than expected due to the wind conditions.
    Kyle Wadden
    HeliQwest International Inc.