Tuesday, January 1, 2013


First Day in the Books

Well, the first day of 2013 has come and gone. I woke up to the sound of running...my nephews up and ready to tackle the new day!

I have to say that the first day of the New Year has been fairly productive. After saying goodbye to the family, they stayed over from our New Year's Eve celebration, I decided to tackle my craft room. (I had to move a LARGE number of items out of the way for Jack's pack-n-play to fit in there last night.) I began pulling things out and managed to fill a large trash bag. But now I'm left with how to organize everything. The craft room is where today's pics come from. They are the "before" of what I hope to be some AMAZING "after" photos...stay tuned!!

After going through several file cabinets, I came across a number of teaching resources that I had created years ago when I was in the classroom. I moved on to recreating them digitally for The Teacher's Corner. And now it's time for some TV and Norteno Margaritas!

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