Saturday, October 31, 2009



Well, I had a great night...I LOVED seeing all the kids in their costumes. I have to say that of all the faces I could see tonight, I recognized 95% of them from school. It was fun waiting for the kids to recognize me. I heard a number of "Ohh...Mrs. Jensen!" or "Mom...that's my computer teacher!" as they ran toward the curb. I also had a great surprise of seeing a former student. I didn't even recognize her...she had changed so much from 4th to 9th grade.

Several weeks ago I found a cute wig with curlers, so I had to go with a different costume than my usual witch/scientist. I had a robe, Broncos shirt, sweat pants, and fuzzy slippers...there were a few "What are you for Halloween?" questions at the front door. If I would have been thinking sooner, I would have said, "I'm a teacher after three snow days...we just stay in our PJs!"

Happy Halloween everyone!!

P.S. - I can't post the official "after" to yesterday's post due to the current voting process that is taking place.

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  1. The pumpkins were excellent this year. I will wait to comment on them until after the polls close.