Wednesday, July 1, 2009


New resident.

Well, I don't have an excuse for not staying up-to-date anymore.  I'm home from Australia and done with my first technology conference.  So being that it's the first of the month, my birthday month I may add, it's the perfect time to get back into the routine of photographing and blogging.

Upon returning from Australia I was very disappointed to learn that my bluebirds had not set up nest in the box.  I think it had something to do with the unusual weather we experienced this spring.

I was greeted a few days ago by a new song in the backyard.  I got out my binnaculars and ID book...then my camera.  I was able to identify the new belonged to a house wren!  I have seen a few wrens in the neighborhood over the past several years, but I've never had one set up shop!  For the past couple of days, this little wren has been working VERY hard!  Not only has he been hauling in new branches, but he's been tossing out the grass that the bluebirds brought in.  (I learned that this little bird can be very mean.  If it wants the home of another bird it will toss out nesting material, eggs and even babies belonging to other birds...yikes!)

Anyway, it's been fun watching this little guy stake his claim.  He seems to be very proud of his work and sits atop the nesting box singing.  I will be keeping you all updated on what happens with the nest.

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