Thursday, May 28, 2009


In the Tree Tops

With an early morning start we headed along the Great Ocean Road.  The twists and turn were just a little too much for Carol Ann…we think the TimTams we ate during our first pit stop may have also contributed to the car sickness as well.

We had the opportunity to see some amazing coastline and even a few koalas in the gum trees along side the road.

After about three hours on the bus we arrived at Otway Fly.  Our first order of business after lunch was to plant Mountain Ash and Mrytle Beech trees.  This took me back to my 4-H wildlife days and planting sticks, aka trees, in the habitat areas.  The trees we planted today actually had leaves!!

As for the Mountain Ash, it is either the tallest or second tallest tree on earth – depends if you talk to an Australian or a Californian – but either way it grows up to 150 meters tall! 

We then make our way into the temperate rain forest (and in the rain) to see the amazing vegetation.  We went up the fly structure, 47 meters in the sky, where we had a great birds-eye view of the forest below.  They created all of the walkways 5 years ago and replanted the areas that were disturbed during construction – it looks incredible!  The students enjoyed learning about the vegetation and how the early Aborigines people used various plant combinations to improve their tools.

After our time at the Flyway we made our way back to Melbourne through some beautiful countryside.  Dinner was at the Observation Deck, high about the night skyline…spectacular views all around. 

Well, I’m ready to move off the bathroom floor so I can get these posts and photos uploaded.  We are headed to Healsville Sanctuary tomorrow and looking forward to another wonderful day down under!



  1. We have been enjoying the tweets and blogs from Australia.
    I have been googling the places you are visiting, so I am learning new things as well. Look forward to seeing all the photos upon your return.
    It appears they are keeping all of you busy.

  2. You can check out this wiki that I made and it has some links to our loactions.

  3. WOW!!! How very exciting! What a great experience for you and the kids!!