Thursday, April 9, 2009


Homemade noodles.

I'm guessing there's a good chance that I made noodles during one of my many years in 4-H cooking, but this weekend was my first noodle-making adventure that I can remember. It was our turn to host the monthly dinner. We selected a fettuccine with cream & sausage dish...and of course I had to make my own fettuccine to make a truly authentic Italian Dining experience. It's amazing how different homemade noodles are - store noodles don't even compare!

So, as we were looking through our Italian Cookbook, we came across rum cake...that's right...rum cake! How could we pass up rum cake? (We were questioning how or why this type of cake was in the Italian Cookbook.) After doing a little searching on the Internet, I learned that the English settlers brought a style of cake to the Caribbean. It was then modified by the Africans who came to the region during the slave trade. (In the cookbook it referred to a Polish man who "invented" the cake. So, I'm still left wondering how it's really Italian.

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