Sunday, February 21, 2016


Well, it's that time of year again...the days are getting longer, the weather is warmer and it's time to get serious about losing the "winter" weight I've added.

It's been difficult getting back in a routine when it comes to working out and NOT eating so many damn sweets!! I've read a number of blog posts and articles about detoxes/cleanses and remembered that I had a book..."10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse". So I've decided to give it a try.

So now I'm gearing up for the next 10 days. I already know it will be challenging, but I'm looking forward to the chance to challenge myself mentally, refocus my thoughts about food, hopefully "reset" my taste-buds & body, and maybe lose a few pounds.

So today's pick is my last blast of caffeine for the next 10 days. We have family dinner tonight, so it will be my "last meal" before my journey. I drink at least one cup of coffee every morning and always include fat-free half and half, along with sugar free syrup. I also drink 1-2 cups of herbal tea a day.

I've decided to use this space to really journal about my next 10 days. Whether or not the detox works physically, as I mentioned above, I'm hopeful that it will provide me the opportunity to really reflect on what and why I eat. I need to get back to recognizing true hunger and get away from my emotional eating.

So, I've got all my veggies cut and bagged, eggs hard boiled, and smoothie ingredients ready...anxious to see if this book lives up to it's promises. It's only 10 days and I'm keeping a positive outlook.